1. How do I schedule an evaluation?

All therapies require a physician referral prior to evaluating and treating your child. This can be faxed directly to your closest Winter Pediatric location.

2. What can I expect at my first evaluation?

The therapist will perform standardized testing, make clinical observations, and conduct a parent interview to identify current level of functioning in the areas of concern. 

3. My child speaks Spanish. Do you have therapists that speak Spanish?

Spanish speaking therapists are available at all locations, primarily for speech-language therapy.  Our Spanish-speaking office staff is available for translating any information regarding your child and therapies she/he is receiving.

4. My child receives therapy at school. Can she/he also have therapy at Winter Pediatric Therapy?

Yes, children can qualify for both school-based and outpatient therapy. Also, children who may not qualify for services at school may qualify for outpatient therapy services.

5. How long will my child be in therapy?

This depends on your child’s needs, individual performance, and response to intervention. rehabilitation